Author: Ron Graham


Disciples of Christ
—Lessons for new Christians

disciple These lessons complement the Faith-Hope-Love series. They are especially suitable for new disciples. The lessons are each complete units and may be used separately as sermons. Touch any title next to an arrow in the list below.

arrow The Unknown Disciples (Romans 16)A study of Romans 16 which names about 30 persons of whom we know nothing except what we find in this chapter.

arrow Disciples of ChristLooks at some of the characteristics of those who are truly disciples of Jesus. Also emphasises the point that one member of the church is not a disciple of another member of the church, rather all members are fellow disciples of Christ.

arrow A Disciple’s DisciplineWe consider what set of rules and controls, or what discipline a disciple of Jesus Christ should follow and submit to.

arrow A Disciple’s Code of ConductA clear code of conduct that ensures a healthy happy church life for disciples of Christ who band together in any locality.

arrow Friends of the WorldWe look at both the pros and cons of having friends who are not disciples of Christ.

arrow Three Kinds of FriendshipFriendship should extend into three realms, firstly, that of our brother man, secondly that of self, and thirdly that of God.

arrow His Burden is LightKeeping God's commandments is a burden to some people, but it should not be. That's what this lesson is about.

arrow Believing in Jesusthe most important thing any of us will ever do. If we reject or even neglect Jesus and his message, we have done the worst thing possible.

arrow Confessing JesusJesus Christ doesn't have any secret admirers, for people who pretend not to believe in him are one with those who deny him.

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arrow Faith Hope LoveThis series of lessons is about Faith, Hope, and Love, three principles that disciples of Christ live by. The theme is taken from 1Corinthians 13:13.

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